I went from being an extrovert to an introvert

A crowd of people walking in a crosswalk on a busy city street

I used to love people.

I loved spending time with them in large groups, small groups, one on one, you name it. I welcomed anyone to my office, my home, my orbit, my world. And today? After a year of solitude, I want nothing to do with them. …

Their memory continues to be a legacy of love

I haven’t kept up with my college friends. Although I adored them at the time, they represented a painful epoch in my life. Sometimes I’d google their names just to see where they were and how they were doing. But like viewing old photographs in an album, I’d soon turn…

There’s A Sorrow No One Talks About
When you lose an ex-lover and find out after the fact

Efes Kitap

I don’t know what made me Google his name. I hadn’t thought of him in years but had never quite forgotten him either. No one had told me he died 6 months…

Grief Comes In Many Forms

We Don’t only Grieve for those who’ve departed — we grieve the selves we haven’t become

Andrea Cosnowsky

In Robert Frost’s, “The Road Not Taken”, most people quote the end of the poem, in which the poet speaks of taking the road less traveled and…

Andrea Cosnowsky

Rabbi, spiritual leader, university adjunct professor. Blogger & writer about spirituality. Dipping a toe into online community forum www.Rabbicosnowsky.com

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